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    JSP tag issue when Migrating from weblogic to jboss

    shiva Newbie

      I am trying migrate our app from weblogic to jboss 4.2.1 GA. i am running into issue in JSPs where tomcat is not liking the syntax of the jsps and throwing erors. it used to work fine with weblogic.It is very hard to chnage the all the JSP as our app is ver huge.Is It possible to configure tomcat ignore erros .
      For example we wrote onClick instead of onclick which is not acceptable in tomcat but works fine in jboss.

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          Peter Johnson Master

          There is something about this I do not understand. To me, onClick is a JavaScript element - that it, it identifies JavaScript run by the browser. Therefore, I would suspect that it is more subject to the browser than to the app server.

          I create a JSP with onclick and onClick and it was converted into a servlet and ran just fine.

          Perhaps if you could post a simple JSP, and the console log stack trace, that illustrates the problem it would be helpful.