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    Apache as DNS

    Rodrigo Martinez Heredia Newbie

      Hi , It´s me again, First I´ll tell the story, I already found how to configure the mod_jk of apache to forward the request to my server application (JBOSS), I did all with the workers.properties, uriworkers.properties, etc. my workers.properties I defined a node1 like this.

      # worker.node1.connection_pool_size=10 (1)

      The host is the IP of my server, well, I enter to http://localhost/web-console, that means, I dont use the port 8080 to access JBOSS because the module mod_kj.so helps me to forward it, but I have a question, Where do I have to change or which file has to be changed in order that Apache respons with a DNS name?, for example ..... http://rocky.webpage/web-consle, and in that URL it displays me the Web Console of Jboss, thanks by the way