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    "The requested resource () is not available"

    Daniel Strand Newbie


      I'm new to JBoss and trying to migrate a webapp from Oracle AS to JBoss 4.2.3. The app is using JSF (ADF Faces) and i had to mess around a bit with jars and stuff, but it now deploys successfully into JBoss.

      The problem I get is when I try to access the deployed app from a browser, i get the tomcat-error "The requested resource () is not available" (with empty parenthesises). My problem is I can not see any error anywhere in any logs. I've set all log4j filters to DEBUG (including JBoss' own) and there are absolutely no errors in deployment nor on access.

      I can see in the jboss-logs that the entire jsf-lifecycle, from view-create to render-response, is sucessful. But after render-response, i get the error in the browser (the error is not logged anywhere in any file i can see)

      Does anyone have any idea or maybe know which logfile i should look in? I've only found server.log, boot.log and my own application-logfile, and neither of these holds any errors.

      Grateful for any help,