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    JsessionId not returned by Tomcat for Swing client

    Umesh Kini Newbie


      We are developing a 3 tier application with Swing client and Jboss App Server 4.0.3SP1.

      We want the JBoss server (Tomcat) to do session management as it does for web applications.

      Now we have deployed the ear file containing the servlet, business and data access classes on the server.

      The swing client uses HttpURLConnection to connect to the servlet and get the response.

      But I find, the response header returned by the Tomcat does not contain, 'set-cookie' (that actually contains the JSessionId).

      But i try to connect to the same servlet to get a web page and it works fine. That it the requested page comes back with JSessionId information.

      Is there any way of making Jboss return the 'set-cookie' response header?

      Any help/ clues would be appreciated.