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    External directory

    Jason Yin Newbie

      Hi all,

      Here is a question hoping someone may please help. So i have a external WAR folder, named web.war, which I deploy to Jboss 4.2.3, and everything is working.

      So, within the WAR directory, i have some HTML files. i.e. form.html. so after server starts up, in order to access those html files, i.e. form.html.. i need to have a URL of http://localhost:8080/web/form.html

      Is there a way to put those html pages outside of the WAR directory.. maybe in another directory call html, so i can access them through
      http://localhost:8080/html/form.html ??

      If it's not possible to do this in any of jboss/tomcat config xml files, may someone point out how tomcat handles the URL request? Maybe I can extend that class, and override the path that tomcat uses to retrieve the pages based on the request.

      Please help.