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    Migrate web application from Weblogic to JBoss

    Rammohan Yadavalli Newbie


      I am trying to migrate one web application currently running on Weblogic 8.1 application server.

      The JSP content is separated from WAR and is placed at a specific folder location. Weblogic provides a feature called virtual-directory-mapping using which we can place the JSP content outside the WAR.
      For example: In weblogic.xml i can define a virtual directory mapping as

      The above definition in weblogic.xml will enable all JSPs under /pages are served from c:/content/test-app/pages folder. All redirects/ forwards will pickup the JSPs from the configured folder.

      I know this feature is a weblogic specific feature, and in Tomcat (assuming tomcat is the web server for Jboss) I tried achieving the same by configuring ajp13 connector to interface Apache webserver with Tomcat. I could successfully configure JSPs to be served from outside the WAR however if the same JSPs are forwarded by some controller I am getting a 404.

      The reason for getting 404 is, i configured *.jsp pattern in apache's httpd.conf file to be served by Tomcat, but as these configurations are at apache level whenever i forward to any of these JSPs from controller Tomcat does not know that the JSPs need to be served via Apache so therefore it throws a 404 error.

      Is there anyway to route the forwards through Apache from tomcat?

      Thanks in advance.