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    Help needed to deploy one servlet and multiple jsps

    Aditya Sharma Newbie

      Dear experts,
      I am a newbie ,just started to learn web programming.Previously when i worked on weB development ,i used J2EE 1.3 downloaded from sun site and there was a deploytool which helped to deploy and package applications.
      But now on moving to JBoss ,i think i have to work very hard to grasp
      my skills.
      I read various suggestions and finally ended up downloading jboss-5.0.0ga
      ,i am able to execute jboss by setting appropriate environment variables.
      Then i downloaded Eclipse-IDE and when i executed it i found consuming lot of memory of my PC.Really looks poorly designed and looks one has
      intentionally made it that complex when things could have been made
      in much easier way.So many menus and so many items,looks person/team who developed had ample time to waste on such development effort.Its a sea with no water and waterlife.

      My hot issue is that at present i have one servlet and about 21 jsp files with me and i want to deploy this project on to jboss and it is here that i am stuck.
      i have one Login.jsp file.

      i want that if i type http://localhost:8080/BookShopContext/login.jsp
      i should access my project which i developed long time back.
      I will not compromising on using eclipse IDE but i need a solution for sure.