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    Passing LDAP-authenticated users from Apache to JBoss

    Gio B Newbie

      Hi Everyone,

      I was hoping to get your insights. I am trying to migrate an Apache+LDAP+Tomcat application to an Apache+LDAP+JBoss set-up.

      Authentication is done by Apache via LDAP for protected resources. While it works fine for the existing Tomcat set-up, on my JBoss set-up, it does not work; server.log shows nullpointer exceptions because it is not able to pick up the user that just logged in. I can confirm via Apache's logs that LDAP authentication is happening correctly, but looking at the JBoss request dumper logs, I observe that remoteuser=null. Other parameters have values in them, such as request uri, header referer, remoteaddr, servletpath, etc.

      Now since I am not a developer, I am not sure if picking up the username from the Apache request should be done programatically, or if I am missing something in the JBoss configuration.

      Apache 2.0.63, JBossAS4.2.3GA, mod_jk1.2.27

      Kind regards,