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    Tomcat/Catalina is missing in JBoss 4.2.3

    Bryan Pugh Newbie

      I hope this question is as easy and dumb as it sounds to me...

      I am migrating an application from JBoss 3.2.5 to JBoss 4.2.3. My client has some custom code that uses and extends classes in the catalina.jar (Specifically Request, Response, ValveContext, and ValveBase).

      My problem is that in the download jboss-4.2.3-GA.zip there is no sign of Tomcat or Catalina. I downloaded JBoss Web, and that obviously is all Tomcat and Catalina.

      Is Tomcat/Catalina no longer intergrated into JBoss AS, or is JBoss Web intended to used with JBoss AS?