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    NullPointer when executing JSP compiled page on JBoss AS 5.0

    Stefano Scamuzzo Newbie

      I get the following error when executing a JSP compiled page in JBoss AS 5.0.1 (never got in JBoss 4.x) :

      at org.apache.jsp.WEB_002dINF.jsp.wapp.home_jsp._jspService(home_jsp.java:1261)

      here is the corresponding line code of the compiled JSP:

      1261 _jsp_instancemanager.newInstance(_jspx_th_spagobiwa_005fuserMenu_005f0);

      So I guess the _jsp_instancemanager is null. As far as I can get it should have been created in the _jspInit method of the servlet by the statement:

      _jsp_instancemanager = org.apache.jasper.runtime.InstanceManagerFactory.getInstanceManager(getServletConfig());

      So probably the problem comes from there.

      Any configuration missing or something like that ?