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    Problem with jboss class loader

    sajo john Newbie

      Env. details:
      OS : Solaris
      Jboss : JBoss 3.2.X

      Issue Description:

      One of the module of my application is using Axis.jar. My application also have web module. Sometime when i access the web module of my application, the browser is report JasperException Unable to comple jsp file.

      When i investigated, i found this is because of conflicts of jar files on the server. The jar file are servlet-api.jar which is come along with the Jboss and other is servlet-api-2.3.jar which is coming Axis2.war. When i remove the server-api-2.3.jar file from Axis.war, appication is working fine, i mean the jsp's are compiling. But sometimes the jsps are compiling when i restarted the server, even if the jar file is present in Axis2.war. I want to know how the jboss is compiling the jsps when i restart the server? how jboss resolving the conflict when restarting the server? why the conflict is coming inbetween?

      Hope to receive a convincing answer