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    RESTEasy .war deploys, but doesn't do anything...

    Andrew Ennamorato Newbie

      Putting this here, not sure where else RESTeasy questions would go.

      Downloaded the RESTEasy 1.1.GA release and am trying to deploy into JBoss 4.2.3. I added a really simple class/application, re-jar'd the resteasy.war file (I have renamed it, didn't think that would be a problem) and put it into our farm directory in JBoss (we do clustering).

      The .war seems to deploy, and /resteasy shows up in the JMX Console. However, that's about all it does.

      JBoss doesn't seem to be picking up the RESTeasy annotations (I figured I would see this in server.log on deployment). I get nothing in the log files and any attempts at the proper URLs (/resteasy/testservice, /testservice, etc) just return 404s.

      It's like it is deploying the .war, but not "activating" it, if that makes sense. Any ideas on what I'm missing?

      It seems to do the same thing on JBoss 4.0.5 as well.

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          Andrew Ennamorato Newbie

          I'm mostly an idiot, as I managed to get an example working, but in that vein, I have a few questions.

          1) The RESTeasy doc seems to say that the Application class is optional. I had been putting my classes into a .jar and then into the resteasy.war/lib folder. But I forgot to do "singleton.add(MyClass())" in Application. I'm guessing that since scanning wasn't on, the only way for RESTeasy to pick up my class(es) is to use Application in this manner.

          2) It seems the Application logging ends up in stdio.log in JBoss, RESTeasy seems to send it there via STDERR. Did I misconfigure something in JBoss' log4j or is this normally where it goes? I had been looking for some "sign" of my services/annotations getting scanned but it was hidden in here.