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    problems with editors(fckfaces, myfacesTomahawk) when render

    c d Newbie


      I need help to solve the following problem:

      I'm using fckfaces for getting the fckeditor into an ajax rendered jsfpage.
      It looks like that

      <fck:editor id="myComponentId" toolbarSet="Basic" value="text" />

      and it works fine while restarting the complete page.
      But when it's rendered with Ajax I get the following message:
      Error: The TEXTAREA with id or name set to writeNews:thematicalWizard:myComponendId was not found

      I'm sure its an ajax problem because I also tried the myfacesTomahawk editor an get an error very similar to this one.
      When I want to render the page with ajax nothing happens (no problem message this time),
      but when I reload the page after that manually everything works fine and the editor appears.

      Thanks for help!