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    Tomcat encoding

    Jean-David Maillefer Newbie

      I'm using JBoss on a server with french locale.
      All the pages displayed (JSP, servlets) are displaying correctly.
      However, the error pages have a strange encoding (it is (correctly) interpreted by firefox as UTF-8).
      For example, the 404 error page displays:

      Etat HTTP 404 - /SIT/index.j

      type Rapport d'�tat

      message /SIT/index.j

      description La ressource demand�e (/SIT/index.j) n'est pas disponible.
      JBoss Web/2.1.3.GA

      Thus it seems all pages directly generated by tomcat have the wrong encoding (encoded twice ?).

      The logs from JBoss about tomcat shows the same behaviour:

      13:53:11,780 INFO [Http11Protocol] D�marrage de Coyote HTTP/1.1 sur http-localhost%2F127.0.0.1-8080
      13:53:11,858 INFO [Http11Protocol] D�marrage de Coyote HTTP/1.1 sur http-localhost%2F127.0.0.1-8443

      Note: previewing this post, the special characters are re-interpreted and doesn't look the same as displayed in firefox.