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    changing 2 different beans

    Roel De Nijs Newbie

      i have the following code:

      <t:inputTextarea value="#{item.comment}" rows="2" style="width: 95%">
       <a4j:support event="onchange" ajaxSingle="true" reRender="woStatus" onsubmit="showAjaxStatus(null)" oncomplete="hideAjaxStatus(false, false)" />

      if i make a change to the text-area, the comment is changed with ajax, so that works well.

      i have another bean with a datamember commentChanged + getter + setter (i can add other methods if they are necessary to pull this off). Is it possible to change the value of the commentChanged when the comment is actually changed by the ajax-request, so something like sending 2 request with one submit? or sending one request to one method and this method calls 2 other methods changing the comment and the boolean?

      ps. this is a simplified version of what i'm trying to do in a real-world application, because this makes no sense and is a very good example of bad design. but the real-world example is not