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    JSR223 and scripting language support


      I take a deeper look to JSR-223 and its possible relation with Wise to evaluate the opportunity to support it in as described in

      Well, I've just moved this issue in future version, opening another one with JRuby support

      I have done that because I think JSR-223 (in fact a way to integrate script languages into java applications) isn't the right thing for client side development we have in mind. IOW we would like to support native Groovy/Ruby calling WS using Wise and not java application using wise which internally use scripts. I moved it in FUTURE VERSIONS because this approach is perfect for server side support (IOW deploy a WS in a standard JAX-WS container written in any JSR-223 language), but we will explore server side matters in vesrion > 1.0

      BTW my question for the community is:
      Are Ruby and Groovy sufficient as client side samples script languages? What else?