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    Features and plan for Wise webgui

    Stefano Maestri Expert

      Hi all,
      we are starting our development for Wise 1.0. This release will be totally focused on core, adding support for some WS-*, first release of LMS ( http://www.javalinuxlabs.org/drupal/?q=node/10) in JBoss.org project, and other cool feature (a complete roadmap will be available soon, we are in evaluation of Jira issues).
      This version aims to provide stable APIs to the community, with hopefully very few changes from 0.9.
      Even if it will be scheduled for 1.1 or so, I think it's time to start discussion about Wise webgui with feature requests and ideas, and maybe also some decision about implementation to be totally sure APIs we are defining are really complete and suitable for the webgui.

      Ideally some works started in a branch/workspace would be the best. Some one interested from community?

      My personal thought (very general) is:

      * It would provide at least feature of javalinux.it implementation http://www.javalinuxlabs.org/drupal/?q=node/9
      * GWT is a good solution (to be evaluated)
      * It has to provide an easy way to generate client code and/or config files. IOW not only a client to call webservice, but also a tool to make one more time easier to call webservice using wise

      Ok, these are the main points. I have more detailed ideas, but I'd like to start our discussion from here before go in deep and details all minimal feature.