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    Wise's test


      Hi all,
      I''ve worked a lot on our uni tests to have a better coverage.
      Doing that I realized that we need much more stress tests both to verify boundary situation (i.e a lot of WS-* activated on an endpoint and some smooks handler and/or custom handler too).
      Moreover we need integration tests to verify concurrency issues and other kinds of integration issues with different environments (different JDKs for example could be critical, but also different application servers both on server and client side). Implementing this kind of tests we have to keep in mind we have at least 3 different target for Wise-core as ws client:
      * Standalone
      * inside enterprise application (servlet, ejb, seam)
      * integrated inESB

      Finally we need to refactor our samples to become part of our integration tests suite, making possible to run them at every build ensuring they are always working and up to date. It wouldn't be hard to achieve, but we need to rethink them a bit. Perhaps mavenization should help at least in resolving test/sample dependencies easier.

      Any idea or suggestion in this area is more than welcome.