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    role problem with DBServerLogin

    Jan Rietema Newbie

      I have a problem occurring with the principals roleset while using the DatabaseServerLoginModule. I've deployed a test session bean with security and method-permission configuration and used it with the UserRolesServerLoginModule successfully (users got the correct rolesets and the method-permissions were applied as expected).

      Now I switched the whole thing to the DatabaseServerLoginModule. From the log output I patched into the module I can see that it reads the groups/roles correctly from my DB. Yet I can't access the test bean. Here's the server output:

      [Default] Role no. 1 is admin
      [Default] Role no. 2 is user

      (this is output I patched into the LoginModule to check that DB access is okay. It's just an output of roleSets.toString() before the return statement of the getRoleSets method.)

      [Test] Insufficient method permissions, principal=jrietema, method=create, requiredRoles=[user]

      So what's going on? Obviously getRoleSets is returning the right roles. Why doesn't the container recognise them?

      Anyone who can point me to what the problem is (or even better, a solution)?