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    app ith multiple users possible?

    Jochen Riekhof Newbie

      :) Thanks -- that was exactly it.

      Well, I'm assuming that it all works well, but unfortunately, nothing is ever easy. Our company has set up our LDAP directory so that it is impossible to search it without a special account. (i.e, the user that binds to the directory to test the authentication can't search the groups branch to see what roles they are in).

      So, I have an "admin" dn and credential that I'll need to use when doing the search for matching roles. Authentication is working great -- role matching is what is failing now. After looking at the source, this doesn't look like it would be too difficult to do -- if I can check out the CVS module, I'll probably take a crack at it.

      Do other companies do this? Would it be worth merging these changes back into into the LdapLoginModule as optional attributes?

      Anyway, thanks for all the help so far!