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    URGLY: SSL-RMI Socket-Connection

    Daniel Schaller Newbie


      I tried to use jBoss with SSL-Sockets. For that I used my SSL-Socket factories which are working fine in a only RMI environment, means own written RMI-Server and Client! Well, jBoss uses the SSLServerSocketFactory and alle Beans using that factory are deploying well.
      If I try to connect to jBoss with my Client, I can lookup succussfully my SessionBean, but if I try to call the create() method on the Home interface I am getting a java.rmi.NoSuchObjectException with the message no object found in table.

      If I use the StandardSockets by jBoss everything works again quite good.
      I wonder why all beans are deploys succussfully with the SSLSocket but a create call fails!? And the SSL-Factories works!

      Does anybody has an idea, why the above mentioned exception is thrown?!

      Thanks a lot
      Daniel Schaller