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    Problem implementing JaasSecurityManagerService MBean

    Ron Newbie


      Can anyone please tell me how I can implement my own
      JaasSecurityManagerService MBean

      I tried the following way but it didn't work:

      I'm using JBoss-Tomcat bundle 2.2.

      I wrote my customized JaasSecurityManagerService MBean,
      and called it JaasSecurityManagerService2.java.
      I made a jar file of this class and put it into my
      JBoss/lib/ext directory and added it to the classpath.

      In the file Jboss/conf/tomcat/jboss.jcml I changed
      the code under JAAS security and realm mapping as follows(i put mbean code = "name of my class"):

      <!-- JAAS security manager and realm mapping -->


      When i tried using this configuration the server spits out ClassNotFoundException : JaasSecurityManagerService2 not found on startup.


      then I tried adding following to the jboss/conf/tomcat/jboss.conf

      But the server still cannot find the JaasSecurityManagerService2 during startup.

      Its stopper for me if any one could help me it would
      be a great help.


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          Scott Stark Master

          All jars in the lib/ext dir are automatically added to the server classpath so you shouldn't have to do anything but drop your jar into that directory. Show the jar -tf listing for your jar. Also show the full exception stack trace for the jboss.jcml configuration. You will not be able to add the MBean to the jboss.conf file since the MBean should depend on the JNDI naming service being available.