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    Why unable to find LoginModule class?

    John Baker Newbie

      I have a strange classloader problem [probably] trying to login to jboss from a standalone client. As far as I can see the class org.jboss.srp.jaas.SRPLoginModule is from the jbosssx-client.jar which is definitely in my client program's classpath but I still get the following error..

      javax.security.auth.login.LoginException: unable to find LoginModule class: org.jboss.srp.jaas.SRPLoginModule

      Is their something else that needs to be configured?
      Hopefully this is a simple matter.

      Thanks in advance,

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          John Baker Newbie

          Well, after closer inspection it seems that the auth.conf file bundled with jboss-2.4.0 that I was using as a base example to work from is incorrectly configured!!.. The srp class name has a word missing.

          Instead of


          it should be


          No wonder it wouoldn't load but it was damn easy not to notice!!

          Good luck,