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    Writing an MBean to have a particular Role

    Neal Sanche Newbie

      I have been trying to write an MBean to access a secured EJB. Is there a way to have the MBean run as a particular role, or principal similar to the way message driven beans have the 'run-as' declaration?

      Specifically I have been writing a ModemPool mbean service that reads its configuration from the database via an EJB called Modem. The modem is secured so that only users with the 'admin' role can read and modify the records.

      I need something in the server to start up them modem pool, and start waiting for calls on the modems and I didn't think that this should be an EJB (like a message driven bean), it should be an mbean. If security is going to be a problem for the mbeans, I'm not sure I can proceed this way.

      Any clues?