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    Javascript controls and submit processing

    John Kienitz Newbie

      I have a fairly complex Javascript control on a web page. I have created a text field on the screen to contain the value for this control. I am able to populate this text field from the javascript when the value changes, but I cannot seem to trigger a submit.

      The web page is using mootools, as well as custom javascript, and ajax4jsf.

      I have tried an eval on the event in the script, triggering an onblur event that the field is set up for.


      <h:inputText styleClass="control-value" style="visibility: hidden" id="control-value-id" value="#{bean.data}" >
      <a4j:support event="onblur" />

      Any advice? I would like to keep it failry generic, as this control has been placed all over the GUI in the prototype.