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    Where do the user/roles.properties files go

    Kurt Olsen Newbie

      Hi all..A version of jboss that I installed at work to do a simple task is now doing much more.

      A webapp we have installed under tomcat now needs security and I need it tonight. (of course).
      For speed I must use the UserRolesLogin module.

      Where do the properties files go? A previous post said they should be in the top level of my war file? WHAT? They are serve-able if they are there...right?

      Where can I put them? Oh, The web-app needing login authentication is not deployed into the jboss/deploy dir but rather splashed out into the tomcat/webapps directory....


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          Kurt Olsen Newbie

          Follow-up..You may have seen my previous posts about security :) That occured because I was trying to get setup to do a webapp on a consultant basis.

          Meanwhile, a version of JBoss I slid in at work while no one was looking that deploys our continuous integration engine's build servlet (cruisecontrol) has taken on more and more responsibilities.

          So, authorization is no longer an academic question. I have to bring it up quick!

          Today it just became a critical system (very-cool!) but a side-effect is that the app that was just installed needs login authentication to keep certain folks out of certain areas of the web site. There are no ejb's involved - it's a wiki for those who care.

          Question remains: if trying to basic or form authenticate a web app without ejb's using the UsersRoles Login module then where do I put the .properties where they are available but serve-able!

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            Boris Tamarkin Newbie

            I found for my self locate those properties files into your $JBOSSHOME/conf/confname directory.
            Also You probably can locate it into ear archive (never tried)