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    How to allow JMS-Session to deliver messages to secured MDB

    Michael Arndt Newbie

      I use an MBean that checks a file for changes (watchdog) and publishes the changes over a topic. An MDB in a security-domain has subscribed on that topic.
      The message is never delivered:

      [Thread-17] DEBUG mypackage.common.jboss.service.FileWatcherMessengerProducer - trying to publish Strings
      [ConnectionReceiverOIL Server] DEBUG root - Leaving out a server session
      [Thread-26] ERROR root - Authentication exception, principal=null
      [Thread-26] INFO root - Exception in JMSCI message listener: : java.rmi.RemoteException: checkSecurityAssociation; nested exception is:
      java.lang.SecurityException: Authentication exception, principal=null

      As the publisher runs in another thread it might not make sense to use any login mechanism (ThreadLocal...).
      The problem might be the JMSContainerInvoker who checks for a principal and a credential to exist if a security manager is present before calling the Container's invoke()-method.

      Any ideas (others than replacing the JMSContainerInvoker)?

      PS: I am using JBoss 2.2