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    Basic Authentication - Stuck

    CW Johnson Newbie


      I am fairly new to JBoss, I come from the EA Server/Borland AppServer line of work. I cannot find out how to do either BASIC or FORM based login.

      Here's what I'm trying to do:
      I have a simple web app that needs a jsp protected. I setup everything correctly in the web.xml file, and it works fine when deployed to Tomcat 4.0 (RI). I followed several examples on using this with JBoss, and all of them are somewhat confusing. I created the users and roles properties files.

      But it doesn't work. I'm not prompted to authenticate when I go to access the protected resource. What is going on? Where can I find a simple example that shows how to get BASIC or FORM authentication working in a simple web application (no ejb's)