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    Swapping out DB and user authentication

    CW Johnson Newbie


      I got my MySQL DB to successfully work with the JBoss container. Now, my question is, after getting the correct tables (Roles,etc..) configured for JAAS authentication, why does JBoss not get the values needed to make a decision on authentication from that DB?

      Everything points fine to that DB, and it IS up.


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          I dunno. Maybe it was sleeping on the job :-).

          But seriously, you'll need to supply a query with a bit more technical substance to it if you want to get any feedback. What is your configuration, what output are you getting and so on?

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            Travis J. Close Newbie


            I am having the same issue as 'javadude'. I have ran through the examples in the documentation concerning JAAS, and have been all successfull (using hypersonic DB) and DefaultDS. I have created a MySQL DB with the default table/field layout expected by JBoss. I have created a new Datasource in .jcml called AuthorityDS that points to my DB. When I try to authenticate, it treats it as an invalid loggin. I do not see anything in the server console. (This same thing occurs when I try an invalid user/pass with the working defaultDS). I can provide my SQL statements and table definitions, but you will find that they are standard (I'm sure this isn't the problem).

            Can someone post the necessary configurations-specifically those dealing with a MySQL Datasource for JAAS to work with this database. Since I have everything else set up and working, ALL I REALLY NEED IS INFORMATION ABOUT THE LOCATIONS AND CONTENT TO REVISE WHEN SWITCHING FROM THE DefaultDS of hypersonic to MySQL.

            My configuration is as such:
            Jboss 2.4.3 bundled with Tomcat 3.2.3 with Apache Http 1.3.2 Win32. MySQL 3.23.38

            Thanks for any help.

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              OK. That's a bit more like useful information - you say you can get it to work OK with almost the same configuration and hypersonic. Have you looked in the server log file which by default outputs more debug information than the console?

              Also have you made sure that you're telling the DatabaseServerLoginModule to use your DataSource? The default is DefaultDS, which might explain why you can get it to work with Hypersonic. Have you tried using MySQL as DefaultDS, or are you setting the dsJndiName option correctly?