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    JAAS Examples - Switching from Hypersonic to MySQL

    Travis J. Close Newbie


      I have ran through the examples in the documentation concerning JAAS, and have been all successfull (using hypersonic DB) and DefaultDS.

      I want to migrate from the Hypersonic DefaultDS to my own MySQL AuthorityDS.

      I have created a MySQL DB with the default table/field layout expected by JBoss. I have created a new Datasource in .jcml called AuthorityDS that points to my DB. When I try to authenticate, it treats it as an invalid loggin. I do not see anything in the server console. (This same thing occurs when I try an invalid user/pass with the working defaultDS). I can provide my SQL statements and table definitions, but you will find that they are standard (I'm sure this isn't the problem).

      Can someone post the necessary configurations-specifically those dealing with a MySQL Datasource for JAAS to work with this database. Since I have everything else set up and working, ALL I REALLY NEED IS INFORMATION ABOUT THE LOCATIONS AND CONTENT TO REVISE WHEN SWITCHING FROM THE DefaultDS of hypersonic to MySQL.

      My configuration is as such:
      Jboss 2.4.3 bundled with Tomcat 3.2.3 with Apache Http 1.3.2 Win32. MySQL 3.23.38

      Thanks for any help.