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    Security and Logging

    Tom Innes Newbie

      I am new to Java and J2EE and I am trying to determine how to best log server side error messages. I am currently evaluating Log4j as the tool to log the message. One of the attributes I would like to log is the userid with every error and as a result I have a few questions?

      1)Is there a JAAS method to determine who the userid is in a Session Bean or an Entity Bean or do I need to pass this information.

      2) What is best practices for this?


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          Daniel Schaller Newbie


          you can use the method getCallerPrincipal() on the sessionBeanContext, which is set by the container, if you bean have correct set-method.

          by the method, mentioned above, you get the principal, which actually call the method at the momement. (use getName() getting the principal's name)

          I hope, that helps

          so long