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    How can I use a custom CallbackHandler on the server-side?

    Terry Ray Newbie

      Hi, I've been having some trouble trying to get a custom JAAS module working. The problem is because I am using a custom CallbackHandler and some custom Callback classes that I've defined myself. In my server login module, I am getting an UnsupportedCallbackException when I try to handle the callbacks. This exception is coming from the org.jboss.security.auth.callback.SecurityAssociationHandler class. This makes sense because that class would obviously have no way to handle my custom callbacks. But, it seems that the JaasSecurityManager "always" uses the SecurityAssociationHandler for callbacks.

      What I need to know is how I can make the JaasSecurityManager use my callback handler class instead of SecurityAssociationHandler. Does anyone know how to do this?