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    Access Control List

    I Kam Newbie

      Hi all,

      My application obtains the user id and password from the
      user. Having this info, my application then needs to
      check the user file access permissions against the
      underlying operating system permissions. That is, my app
      needs to know if that particular client has permissions
      to access particular files on the OS. I would think
      that I need to access the operating system ACL somehow.

      1) Does any one know of any tutorials on how to access
      operating system ACLs?
      2) From my research so far, I think I have to use the
      java.security and java.security.acl packages. The
      Sun API documentation also mentioned about the package
      sun.security.acl. Where can I get API documentation
      for this package?
      3) I think I also need to create realms, like a NT realm
      or Unix realm to access the list of users on the
      server. I read that there's a package named
      sun.server.realm.Realm. Where can I download this
      package and it's API documentation?
      4) Or does JBoss already have something in place that can
      help me to access the underlying operating system's
      ACL? or create realms?

      Thanks for any help and suggestions!!