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    JBoss 3.0 Tomcat 4.0 -  Authentication problem

    Shreedhar Newbie

      [ I had post this in General discussion. Then i thought this would be a more appropriate place. So I am re-posting ]


      I just integrated JBoss 3.0 beta with Tomcat 4.0.3. There were problems with it.

      The one that is of main concern now is -

      When I deployed an enterprise archive, form based authentication is not working. The form pops up. But when I enter the correct username/password, it gets me to the error page. I use default server login module provided by JBoss. The one in the "other" section of auth.conf.

      The application works fine with JBoss3.0/Jetty (default) combination.

      Any idea on this ....

      Thanks in advance.

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          Mike Finn Apprentice

          FWIW, I am seeing the same problem, except w/ integrated Tomcat 4.0.*2*, and I am using UserRolesLoginModule. Also using FORM auth.

          I deploy to JBoss 3.0/Jetty Beta - works great, the requested (protected) resource is returned. When I deploy same war and auth.conf to JBoss 3.0/Tomcat 4.0.2 Beta, I get a 403/access denied page after login (with correct user/pass).

          Any ideas?


          BTW - it looks like BASIC auth is still broken in Tomcat 4.0.2?

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            Mike Finn Apprentice

            BTW - this is the binary beta distro from SourceForge in both Jetty and Tomcat cases.

            Also, I deployed this war to a standalone Tomcat 4.0.2 and it works just fine. Of course, it's using tomcat-users.xml instead of JAAS, but it doesn't seem like the authent. piece is what's broken in JBoss/Tomcat.