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    Cannot load cache policy because of white space in jboss.hom

    Huy Duong Newbie

      I'm experiencing a wierd problem regarding having a space character in the jboss home path.

      We override the default cache policy with our own in JBoss. The class is put into a jar file and place in the $JBOSS_HOME/lib/ext
      The problem is that if $JBOSS_HOME contains a space character, JBoss cannot find our cache policy class and so the value is null. If we install $JBOSS_HOME into a directory path without a space, it is able to load it fine. I tried defining the jboss.home property on the command-line using different methods to specify the directory, but to no success.
      I don't understand why JBoss cannot find this particular class in this jar but is able to load all the other jars in $JBOSS_HOME/lib/ext (like our Sybase JDBC driver).

      Can anyone help out with this fishy situation.