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    GWTJSF integration library checked back into Ajax4JSF SVN tr

    Rob Jellinghaus Novice

      Last year Sergey and Alex put a lot of time and effort into a very interesting GWT/JSF integration library.

      This library was originally available here:


      I started working with this library late last year, and wound up making some changes to GWT itself in order to enable enhanced integration with this library. I made a number of patches to this library in the process.

      Meanwhile, JBoss bought Exadel, and the Ajax4JSF hosting moved to jboss.org. In the process, the GWTJSF source was somewhat left behind (it was not buildable in the new Ajax4JSF Subversion trunk, and the samples were not checked in at all).

      I have just this week checked in my enhanced version of the GWTJSF library, which now requires the GWT 1.4 release candidate to build. I have also fixed the Maven build for the GWTJSF library, so it is now built as part of a "mvn install" of Ajax4JSF. (It downloads the GWT 1.4 release candidate libraries through Maven.) Finally, I've checked in an updated version of the original "a4j-gwtKickStart" sample.

      This is all now available in the Ajax4JSF Subversion trunk. For more details, see this thread in the developers forum:


      Or see my blog at http://robjsoftware.org.

      This is the last contribution I'll be making to the Ajax4JSF tree until further notice -- this is pretty much everything that I've done in the last six months in the Ajax4JSF tree itself. It should be ready for use by any interested parties.

      I think this is useful technology, and I think it would be great if something like the old ajax4jsf.dev.java.net page was put back up on labs.jboss.org to let people know that it exists, but that'll have to be done by someone at JBoss. (Hint, hint ;-) You listening, Igor?)

      Next I'll be working on finalizing the Seam/GWT/JSF example available at http://unrealities.com/seamgwt and contributing that to the Seam distribution.