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    Form Based Login - Please Help!!!!!1

    Edgar Maistry Newbie

      I've been thru' most of the forum on this subject but I seem to be missing something fundamental. I've written a tiny app to test form-based-login as follows:
      Login.jsp: calls j_security_check
      jboss-web.xml: specifys login module in auth.conf
      auth.conf: has sql for user authentication
      web.xml: specifys protected URLs and roles. Also login page and error page.

      After successful login I get error "invalid direct reference to form Login page". Where do I specify which HTML/JSP/Servlet to call after the login is successful?
      ANy help will be appreciated. Relevent files attached.

      nb: I'm using Jboss2.4.4 with Tomcat4.0.1.

      Tks Edgar.