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    Why  a RoleGroup value of "Roles"?

    Jim Newbie


      A quote from the jboss manual (downloaded December01):

      ... 'The DatabaseServerLoginModule is a JDBC based login module that supports authentication and role mapping. It is based on two logical tables: Table Principals(PrincipalID text, Password text) Table Roles(PrincipalID text, Role text, RoleGroup text) The "Principals" table associates the user "PrincipalID" with the valid password and the "Roles" table associates the user "PrincipalID" with its role sets. The roles used for user permissions must be contained in rows with a "RoleGroup" column value of "Roles". '

      ... Page 267 (security, chapter8, DatabaseServerLoginModule)

      My question is why does the rolegroup column need to have a value of "Roles"?