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    Switch to appropriate user on fly in Servlet?

    John Baker Newbie

      I read the example in the manual and it doesn't seem to cover my situation but it seems like it should be quite simple to do.

      I have a servlet that must access an EJB in another application under a different user principal than that the user of the web application. It is basically a web wizard that sets up an account in a different EJB app.

      * What lines of code do I need to put in the servlet to make the following calls to the EJB assume the other identity?

      * Is there any special deployment config I need to do for the servlet?

      * Could I specify that web app always calls EJBs under a specified identity as a deployment option?

      The manual seems to assume that the users of the web app are the same as the users of the backend systems. This is often not the case.