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    Form based login, Struts, JBossSX

    Roland Chan Newbie


      (Warning this question may seem trivial)

      I've recently implemented security using the guidance provided in the JBossSX documentation. Currently, I am using the org.jboss.security.auth.spi.DatabaseServerLoginModule to do authentication for my EJBs and Webapp.

      We'd like to move to a form based login strategy. Upon login, users will be permitted access to the site. However, I'd like to have these users instead sent to a specific page after having been authenticated, rather than giving them the requested resource. Is this possible without creating a new login module, or are the two mutually exclusive.

      Does anyone have any good patterns/strategies for using struts w/ JBossSX?

      Thanks, your help is appreciated. My brain is mush right now from the JAAS spec.