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    client through Firewall to server

    Eitan Weisbeker Newbie

      One of my clients uses a firewall to secure the LAN were the server resides. the client is enable to connect to this server not because of ports being closed in the firewall rather because the IP address returned from the server is not recognized in the LAN where the client resides.

      Any thoughts ? is this what they call firewall-tunneling ? If so, i can i configure the jBoss to work around this problem ?

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          Brendan Lawlor Newbie

          I can only add my voice to this question. I can't answer it. I too am experiencing the problem. The Firewall performs Network Address Translation between the external IP address and the internal (LAN) IP address of the box that JBoss is running on. JBoss passes back the internal IP address to the client (NAT can't translate it as it is in the payload of the response packets rather than in the header). The client obviously can't access this internal address.

          ANy insights welcome.