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    Connection problems with DatabaseServerLoginModule

    Keith Davey Newbie

      I am usign the DatabaseServerLoginModule to validate the user. It works great, except for the first person to come in the morning will get an error. This is because the database is bounces every night and while the normal database ppols detect this and are not givign me a problem. I am having a problem with the DatabaseServerLoginModule not dropping its connection after a period of time. It appears that JBoss still thinks the connection is active. Is there anyway to time out this connection? What else can I do? Below is the bi from the auth.conf file for the login module.



      org.jboss.security.auth.spi.DatabaseServerLoginModule required
      principalsQuery="select user_password from gtype_user where system_username=?"
      rolesQuery="select r.role_name, 'Roles' from gtype_role r, user_role ur, gtype_user u where u.system_username=? and u.user_id = ur.user_id and ur.role_id = r.role_id"