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    Form-based authentication, principal=null?

    Roland Chan Newbie


      Currently using: 2.4.4 w/ Tomcat 3.2.3.

      We recently moved to form based authentication from basic authentication which worked fine. We are using the database login module.

      The form based authentication works when we try to access a secured resource, however, the ejbs are throwing "Authentication exception, principal=null" errors. I should reiterate that this did work with basic authentication.

      Initially I thought that principal was no longer in the request. However, I can see it is there if I do a request.getRemoteUser() from my controller layer (struts actions).

      What is even stranger is that I can get ejbs to work if I simply log the remote user, i.e.) log.debug("Principal: " + request.getRemoteUser());

      This can't be the correct way to get things to work though.

      I thought it might be a class synchronization issue, but I do clean builds and emptied my tomcat work directory.

      Please help!!!