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    Is CruiseControl integratable with BuildMagic??

    John Smith Newbie

      At my work we are looking at starting a new project from the ground up and are still looking at what tools to use. We have decided to use JBoss and Tomcat as our application servers, Ant as our build program, and CruiseControl to automate builds.

      Just recently, we started looking into BuildMagic and I'm still trying to get my head around it but it seems to be a good tool. There isn't very much information about it on the web, and it seems like it began as part of JBoss so that's why I've been led here.

      Does anyone know if CruiseControl can easily be integrated with BuildMagic? Do others have any projects where they use both? Does anyone have feedback on possible advantages/disadvantages of BuildMagic. I'd love to hear anyones comments! If this is really not the place for this post, please tell where I should post it.