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    how to do database logins in 3.0

    beau cronin Newbie

      I've read the doc and previous posts in this forum, but I'm still not clear on how to do the following:

      I have an application which requires authentication of individual users, and I want these user names and (encrypted) passwords to be stored in a MySQL database. I understand from the docs and previous posts that these usernames and passwords are different from the username/password used to connect to the database itself (since database connections are pooled and shared among all clients and are therefore not able to be user-specific).

      So, I assume that the username/password used to actually connect to the database for the purposes of authenticating an individual user must be put somewhere in one of the config files in the plain text. Where should this be done? Should I use JAAS for this purpose?

      I guess my question is how all of these pieces need to fit together. Do I need two security realms, one for the initial database access and one for the subsequent accesses once a user has been authenticated? Once I've got it all set up, how do I pass a username/password from the client?

      Any help from those who have already been through this would be greatly appreciated. Let me know if you need more info.