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    Problem while using custom (SSL) socket factories in JBoss3.

    K.Shanmugam Newbie


      Here I am trying to use SSL enabled RMI socket factories in JBoss3.0 by using my own container configurations. (i.e, I made a new entry in jboss.xml for specifying the SSL implemented socket factories). But the fact is that node 'container-invoker-conf' is read while deploying the bean and not at all used anywhere. So the default configurations only used.

      Please help me


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          K.Shanmugam Newbie

          On analyzing the code I have found out that reason is as follows,

          The default container invoker used is 'ProxyFactory' which does not implement 'XMLLoadable'.
          But in the 'EJBModule', before using the user defined configurations ('container-invoker-conf' element) the ContainerInvoker instance is verified for XMLLoadable instance. But in our case ProxyFactory is not at all XMLLoadable, so the 'EJBModule' simply skips out the 'container-invoker-conf' configurations.

          Is there any way to use SSL in JBoss3.0?