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    JAAS client-side question

    Los Morales Newbie


      I'm a bit confused on what is needed to properly set up JAAS on JB3 so that a client app. will be able to use it. I've tried reading the docs and the forums but they seem to pertain to the 2.x version.

      I have been trying to set up the JAAS config. in the login-config.xml file (since the auth.conf is now 'deprecated') for the server side (with a corresponding declaration in jboss.xml) and a jaas.config file for the client. I am using the DatabaseServerLoginModule that uses a MySQL DS to authenticate.

      When I try to run my client app, I keep getting login exceptions that my DefaultDS is not bound.... seems like the server does not use the login-config.xml to check that I am using a MySQLDS. It only works when I explicitly defined the DS in the jaas.config file-- but then I still get a MySQLDS not bound exception.

      I guess I'm a bit at a lost on what is needed to make a client app work with JB's JAAS mechanism. I tried following the example doc in "Custom Security in JBoss Using the JBossSX Framework" but to no avail.

      Any help would be appreciated. thanx in advance.