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    Serious: Ajax4JSF+cached resources=no-go for production syst

    Przemyslaw Jaskierski Newbie

      First of all, thank you for your hard work on A4JSF!

      I've just noticed an answer for a thread on the Seam forum and I'm curious how do you perceive this problem in general:
      ...suggesting cleaning browser cache as a solution for a specific error.
      Ok, as a developer I can do it after A4JSF update that requires it. I have application server logs. But after going into production environment and when in the future there will be a need for such update after a huge amount of users got it cached...?

      Don't you feel scared by this? Suggesting reload in this situation can be often a no-go (uneducated users, perceived system credibility and stability etc.). Some users will simple leave my site and never come back after seeing a total mess or non-working core components.

      Another question is how to make user to reload his cache (special error page for ResourceNotFoundException, suggesting cache reload?). Come on... It does not look promising...

      fernando_jmt has proposed a clean solution for this problem here
      , we use similiar thing for generated resources in our old applications.

      Don't you feel that this is a major problem and it prevents more experienced users from adopting your great framework for their applications?

      I really see a lot, lot of promise in A4JSF and Richfaces, but this issue just makes me worry before thinking about incorporating it into my stuff :(.

      Best regards,