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    reRender problem with datascroller

    Florian Duehring Newbie


      I have a problem getting my datascroller work properly.

      I have a form with some fields on the top. After the fields are filled the dataTable update ( and filled ), also the dataScroller is part of the reRender-attribute.
      I have a button with which contains the reRender attribute and which is responsible for the updating.
      Here some code snippets:

      <h:form >
       <h:inputText id="filiale" value="#{sessionBackingBean.currentFiliale}" required="true" maxlength="4" size="4"/>
       <a4j:commandButton id="showItems" value="#{msg.show_items}" action="#{sessionBackingBean.showMseItems}" reRender="mseItems,dsMseItems"/>
       <rich:datascroller id="dsMseItems" for="mseItems" maxPages="20" />
       <rich:dataTable rows="10" id="mseItems" value="#{sessionBackingBean.mseItems}" var="item">

      The strange thing is that after clicking the command button the dataTable is filled correctly, but the datascroller still shows the old state.
      When I click the button again also the datascroller is shown correctly.

      Does anybody has an idea why this happens and what I can do...?

      Thanks in advance...