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    Forward to various pages depending of login error type.

    Pascal Demers Newbie

      I'd like to know if it is possible to forward to a couple of different pages (instead of the only <form-error-page>) depending on the type of error.

      I have extended the DatabaseServerLoginModule so that if the user tries to login 3 consecutives times without success, the account is locked and an EMail is sent to the system administrators. This works just fine, and with very little efforts.

      What I want now, is to inform the user that his account has been locked following those 3 login mismatch. Right now, all errors are fowarded to the login-error page which state that there was an error in the username-password combination.
      His there a way to bypass that?
      I also want to inform the user with a different error page if he tries to login and his account has already been locked... is it possible?? I manage to change the error page for when he is'nt part of the needed group
      with :

      in the web.xml file.

      Could I generate my own error codes and use the same technique to forward to the needed page? If so, an example would be nice.